Hey there human, it's great to meet you! My name is Kye, and welcome to my world!

I've been making artsy shit on the computer since I was a kid, and I've no intention of stopping. I mess with all kinds of digital stuff, and there's not much of a limit in what I enjoy working on. Whether you need an album cover, logo or branding package, graphics for your apparel company, or some funky renders to play behind you on the big stage, I'm in for it all.


Creating artwork with people is honestly the most fulfilling part of my life. There's something innately human about creating something, and being able to build something bigger together. We've made things with our peers since the dawn of time, and sharing with each other is easier than ever. 

I'm friendly, enjoy some good banter over a beer, and I like making cool shit. I make what I make to make me happy, and if what I do aligns with your project, I'd love to create something with you!

I was created to create, so let's make some shit.

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Kye Pirrie


Shoot me a text at 719.321.3335,

I do have a day job still.

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